Cross Pointe Church Cebu


February 28, 2021


By Pastor Omar

We do not have to be taught to drift away from God. Wandering spiritually seems to be an innate sinful tendency that manifest itself effortlessly. More often, we do not need to consciously choose to turn away from God. In our sinfulness, we are more accustomed to staying away from God.


If it is natural for us to keep God at a distance, then the better way to diagnose the state of our relationship with God is in terms of direction and progress. Are we headed towards God? Are we getting closer to Him? What is apparent is that there is no middle ground when it comes to relationships. The parties in a relationship are either growing closer to each other or growing apart. In relationships, the lack of progress is a serious digression.


The feeling that one is distant from God comes from realizing that one is in an altered and unpleasant spiritual state. It presupposes that the ideal state is proximity with God. But what is even more helpful than figuring out the nature of the situation is to identify why such situation came about. There are two basic ways that a person can possibly explain the feelings that God is far away. One, God, being holy, had to distanced himself from what is sinful or evil in that person’s life. Two, the person simply walked out on God in rebellion and sin. In either scenario, the precipitating cause is sin. The act of sinning is talked about in the Bible in two ways: as failure to meet God’s moral standards and as violation of God’s law (Romans 3:9-26). In both cases, the resulting condition is that of separation from God or spiritual distancing (Romans 6:23).


Because God is holy and free from evil, it is impossible to conceive of God as the effective cause of the spiritual distancing. If such is the case, then the feeling that God is far away may well be a subtle hint of the presence of a sin issue in one’s life. It is along this line of thought that James makes his appeal to his readers when he writes: Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and make your hearts pure, you double-minded (James 4:8 NIV).


When you feel that God seems far away, realize that it was you who moved away. To close in the distance, you must respond to God’s invitation to move closer to him. And the first step to drawing nearer to God is the turn away from every known sin in your life.


Since you were the first to leave, you should be the first to return. This move will require two things from you. One, you need to be convinced with regards to the grievousness of your sins before God. Two, you need to be convicted to abandon your sinful ways. You got to clear up whatever stands between you and God.


If God seems distant, do what is necessary to come closer to him and you will find him coming even closer to you.


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